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The key to a successful company is a focused enthusiastic team united by a common goal. We are forward-looking, talented and in love with high technology, so we act with inspiration and dedication to our work. We combine creativity and craftsmanship to achieve high overall results and advance incessantly!

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Borys Belianskyi

We work every day to make relations with our partners long-term and mutually beneficial ones, and to maintain an impeccable reputation and keep a highly professional team.

In essence, the business environment is a constant turbulent flow. Thus, each company feels the instability of its stress and competing aspects: consumer demand, competitive environment, and government regulation.

In my opinion, the success and sustainability of our company is based on a broad understanding of the needs of the market and its trends, a focus on strategic and financial planning of resources, and ambitious goals, and the support of our self-motivated staff.

Serhii Yakovlev

“MTI is a reliable distributor” - that's what our partners say. It is important! We are valued, trusted and deservedly regarded as one of the market leaders. In turn, we guarantee and provide quality service. Perhaps, that’s the purpose of any business and distribution in particular.

MTI hi-tech distribution partners receive comprehensive support. This means mutually beneficial financial conditions, fast ordering and delivery of goods, marketing assistance, and the ability to test and study equipment and solutions, and what’s most important, the largest after-sales service network.

Ruslan Andriichuk

Our partners can confidently build their business by receiving gainful financial benefits. The MTI hi-tech distribution loyalty program is not just about discounts, it's about exclusive approaches. It is also about financial issues.

Today, we are one among the few in the industry who are prepared to offer special financial terms. There is a step-by-step payment system in our partnership where we provide credit for the products by instalment payment. Being market leaders, we not only support mutual trust, but also invest in the development of our industry’s business environment.