Terms of cooperation
Partner engagement

MTI is the largest supplier of hi-tech products in Ukraine. We offer our partners quality servicing, affordable terms and beneficial cooperation. It includes support at all stages: from consumer advising to delivery to your address.

Our each partner is assigned a personal manager, and will have access to one’s personal account with updated information on the warehouse status, the receipt of goods, the range of products and promotional offers, as well as with other important information that will contribute to advancement of our cooperation.

Cooperation with us
Terms of cooperation
  1. Tender support
    Ми надаємо підтримку повного циклу партнерам, які беруть участь в тендерах. Наші фахівці мають багатий досвід тендерного супроводу: від допомоги в підборі продукції під конкретний проєкт до підготовки авторизаційних листів.
  2. Warranty & Service
    Весь реалізований нами товар забезпечений терміном гарантійної підтримки. А також MTI-сервіс забезпечує професійне гарантійне і післягарантійне сервісне обслуговування в 60-ти+ партнерських сервісних центрах, представлених в 30-ти містах України.
  3. Delivery
    Багаторівневий логістичний комплекс компанії MTI hi-tech дистрибуції - це склади з усіма відповідними технічними умовами. Наша система передбачає як самовивіз продукції, так і оперативну доставку до дверей офісу або на склад партнера.
  4. Quality
    Весь асортимент продукції, що реалізується, забезпечений комплектом дозвільних документів відповідно до законодавства України. Кожна одиниця товару супроводжується необхідними сертифікатами, інструкціями, гарантійними талонами для реалізації і використання техніки на території нашої країни.
  5. Payment
    Залежно від типу продукції і обсягу закупівель, ми пропонуємо своїм партнерам співпрацю як за передоплатою, так і на умовах відстрочки платежу.
  6. Price
    Прямі договори з постачальниками дозволяють нам фіксувати вартість товару на певний термін і брати на себе ризики з курсових коливань. Завдяки цьому ми надаємо нашим партнерам вигідні ціни і привабливі фінансові умови, що забезпечують прибуток їхньому бізнесу.
Feedback from partners
Director of the Logistics and Procurement Department, IT Integrator
Antonina Sotnyk

MTI hi-tech distribution is a business partner with whom it is always a pleasure to cooperate.We appreciate that through many years we get prompt feedback, constructive dialogue, as well as on-time deliveries for our orders. Thanks to coordinated cooperation we provide constant and high-quality service to our customers.<br>

Roman Filobok

For WISE IT as a partner, it is important to meet the high requirements of our customers on cooperation in IT, to offer them fast, high-quality and sometimes non-standard solutions. The key to the success of our business is first of all a reliable partnership with a distributor who is always willing to changes. MTI hi-tech distribution team supports us in the pursuit of continuous development and promotion of new products and services in the IT market of Ukraine. <br> <br> <br>

Commercial Director of IT-SOLUTIONS
Sergey Khachinyan

The greatest value of our long-term partnership with MTI in project distribution is unqueastionable confidence that the task will be done efficiently and in the shortest possible time. In addition, an important advantage is the flexibility in our cooperation: under a custom task MTI can offer the optimal solution, both in terms of financial conditions and technical details for the selection of specific equipment.

Head of B2B Sales Department of LLC KTS
Viacheslav Melnyk

We are glad that in cooperation with clients of the public and commercial sectors of the Ukrainian market, in projects of any level of complexity we can always effectively interact with our long-term partner and distributor, LLC MTI. We are confident that together we will continue to grow in the IT-market and make the world around us technologically more convenient for consumers.

Andrii Romanika

The MTI hi-tech distribution company has been a reliable partner since the foundation of our organization. A large mix of goods, rapid logistics, reliable services and the excellent work of our manager at MTI ensure stable operation.

Mykola Antoniuk

As a leader in the PC market, we make sure that everyone receives innovative products and quality service around the world, so we carefully select partners and distributors. We are pleased that in Ukraine MTI has been our reliable partner and helps us to ensure high standards of dealing with retail partners for over 10 years.

Oleksandr Matsko

For the smooth functioning of any business, a key factor is cooperation with reliable partners. For Microsoft Ukraine, such a regular partner since 2012 is MTI. During this time, the distributor adequately presents our products in the Ukrainian market and has never raised doubts about the team's high professionalism. As a result, in Microsoft’s 2019 fiscal year, MTI hi-tech distribution ranked first among Ukrainian distributors in terms of supplying Microsoft software products for assemblers of systems and software products for retail in electronic and boxed forms.

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