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Panasonic PBX Regional Technical Centre successfully develops projects for building communication systems and is involved in the installation, configuration and programming of automatic telephone systems (PBX), video conferencing systems (HDVC) and Panasonic terminal equipment at customer facilities, and provides their follow-up maintenance.

 Advantages of the Panasonic PBX Regional Technical Center:

  • The qualification of specialists, confirmed by personal certificates of Panasonic Corporation, allows to solve any challenging problems.


  • МТІ engineers are joining the Panasonic representative office to test new PBX models and new versions of PBX software, giving us the opportunity to keep abreast of all Panasonic's developments in the field of telecommunications
  • The presence of a partner network allows to implementand maintain large corporate geographically distributed integrated projects.

Communication systems design and implementation

For all customers who want to install a modern communication system at their facilities, we will arrange a specialist visit to the installation site for consultations and clarification of the terms of reference and provide a ready-made solution in the form of a commercial offer for the optimal solution of the problem with account of all requests and needs.


While developing the project, the focus is on the main criteria for building the system:

  • ISDN and IP-channels are the optimal means of connecting to communications providers and creating a corporate network. This type of communication allows subscribers to utilise system functionality with utmost effect.  
  • Automatic routing for an outgoing call, determining the subscriber number, routing a call between facilities within the enterprise, holding conferences and much more; 
  • United in a common network, geographically distributed telephone exchanges function as a single system with a single numbering plan. The use of various communication channels and IP-networks between the company branches can significantly reduce communication costs;  
  • Modern terminal equipment, digital and IP system phones, SIP-terminals, conference and video phones serve for fully equipping work places for employees of call centres, enterprises, offices, banks, hotels, shopping and business centres;  
  • Computer telephony functionality enables subscribers to receive subscriber information on the monitor screen at the beginning of a call (for example, number, name, photo and other information are available in the customer form). A conversation or message can be recorded and/or sent by email;  
  • DECT Microcellular communication provides continuous communication to employees to whose workplaces it is impossible to lay cables. The necessary territory is covered by base stations, which can be located far from the PBX.

Communication systems maintenance

During PBX operation, it may be necessary to make changes to PBX settings (add a number, change the names of employees, change the voicemail greeting, change access levels for subscribers, configure groups, etc.) We are ready to come to your aid as soon as possible and make appropriate changes.

If you need to reprogram the PBX more than once a month, we recommend on-going maintenance. The advantage of a long-term contract: the customer gains confidence in the performance of his PBX, and maintenance becomes scheduled and painless for the customer’s business.
As part of a long-term contract, the customer receives the following:
  • Regular visits of a specialist for PBX preventive maintenance, error analysis, diagnostics, updates, and license activation;
  • Registration of facilities using PBX functions; 
  • Troubleshooting of equipment as quickly as possible, and the ability to receive replacement of equipment during fault elimination; 
  • Personal manager and engineer with an intimate knowledge of customer’s equipment and the individual program of his PBX; 
  • Flexible pricing policy. PBX maintenance by our specialists will cost you less than the maintenance by a full-time specialist because it will be performed expertly and as required by the manufacturer.
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