Uniflair S.p.A. was founded in 1988 in Italy and quickly became on a par with the world's largest manufacturers of air conditioners for process applications, as well as of chillers and modular raised floors. 

Uniflair’s core business is the design and manufacture of precision air conditioners and cooling systems for rooms requiring accurate temperature and humidity control. Uniflair's highly technical and reliable equipment, created around the latest advances in climate technology, is used to solve complex tasks in creating climatic conditions for telecommunications and Internet systems, and for industrial sites. 

The rapid growth of Uniflair is accompanied by the simultaneous introduction of new technological achievements and production processes at the enterprise. The secret of Uniflair’s success lies in the continuous search for and development of new technologies to ensure the flexibility of its climate systems in order to meet growing consumers’ demands.

Manufacturer's site: http://www.uniflair.co.uk/.

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