All business operations in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), divided into four regional markets - Northern Europe, Western and Southern Europe, Central Europe, Eastern and South East Europe, and the Middle East and Africa - are conducted by NEC Display Solutions Europe GmbH, with European headquarters in Munich, Germany.
NEC Display Solutions uses the technological solutions of NEC Corporation and, having its own research and development department, is one of the world's leading manufacturers offering a wide range of products and solutions for information visualization.
The functional solutions that the NEC Display Solutions portfolio offers cover the product lines of amateur, professional and specialized desktop LCD monitors (from the initial to the highest price level); oversized displays (both liquid crystal and plasma) for digital advertising and information systems, designed for installation in public places, as well as plasma panels for home theatres. The NEC Display Solutions projectors business is also presented with a complete range of products - from portable projectors and business-class projectors to models oriented to continuous use (for example, at points of sale) and projection systems for digital cinema. The managing director of the European branch of the company is Bernd Eberhardt. 

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