In the mid-2000s, the Zyxel retail division offered the concept of devices called internet hubs for the growing market of home routers. Unlike the routers and modems of those years, they were originally designed as devices for home users. In 2010, the first generation of Keenetic Internet Centres was introduced, which quickly gained popularity.

Three generations of Keenetic Internet Centres have since changed. Every year dozens of new software features and improvements are released. Keenetic is the world's first device to integrate Internet filters and support the installation of thousands of Entware and Debian packets.

Today, Keenetic Internet Centres are the backbone of modern networks in millions of homes and small offices. In 2017, during the reorganization of Zyxel, the Keenetic routing team teamed up with a Hong Kong-based independent firm to focus on consumer needs, sustainable growth and business globalization.

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