The SwellPro, Chinese innovative company, created by Eric Hu in 2013 as a startup, specializes in the production of universal drones that can perform their tasks in any weather conditions. Swellpro is the original creator of the Splash unmanned aerial vehicle, the first and perfect waterproof drone with IP67 protection with a waterproof gimbal camera capable to land and float on the water, fly in rain and in extreme weather conditions. 

Since its inception, Swellpro has begun to create a line of reliable products with a strict quality control system, making its products known in all major countries in America, Europe, Oceania and Asia.

Eric Hu as CEO of Swellpro continues to lead the company and focus on innovation in order to offer customers high-quality waterproof drones and other products. The company is expanding and increasing its capacity. During production, it pays great attention to development, innovation, and to quality and control.

Manufacturer's site: https://www.swellpro.com/.

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